dog Galería de Arte Axixic


Jesús López Vega

Rio Zula No.1, Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico, C.P. 45920



Please attend this event


On January 7th, 2012, the Cultural Center of Ajijic will be presenting an exhibition of artwork by three talented Lakeside artists.

In Sala 1, will be the drawings and paintings of San Juan Cosala artist, DePaul Durham, in a unique style of political and social commentary that he refers to as “Cartoon Realism”. His show is entitled “Cuentos de Camino” or Wayside Stories, a syncretism of Latin American legends containing mythical creatures such as witches, phantoms and ghosts, combined with African spirits of the water, forests and mountains and European fables and folk tales.

Upstairs, in Sala 2, will be “Imagenes Oniricos del Tiempo”, the new Mexican Magic Surrealistic works of well-known Ajijic artist, Jesus Victoriano Lopez Vega, inspired by Mexican indigenous culture and folk traditions of Lake Chapala. Jesus will be exhibiting his artworks alongside those of his 17 year old son, Jesus Eduardo Lopez Garcia, who will be presenting, in his first formal art exhibit, a totally new and distinctive concept entitled “Graffiti”. His graffiti is satirical, combining letters and animal elements with colors clearly influenced by his father.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, January 7th from 4-8 p.m. A concert of classical sarode and tabla music of India by Michael Robbins, Alvaro Rubio and others will take place on the downstairs stage. Guitar music by Nacho Hinojosa and Jose Luvian of “Strings” will be provided in the upstairs Sala. Entrance is free so please come and enjoy the art, music, botanas and welcome cocktail. For those who are unable to make the opening reception, these shows will continue until January 19th.